"Grazie tante, for a great evening!"

"Great place to enjoy a traditional Italian meal, with the highest quality ingredients. The prices are kept affordable because there is a choice of just a few mains each day. You could enjoy a quick drink or snack, but the emphasis is on spending a few hours over your meal. This is rare, as most places want you in and out quickly. Enjoy it now before there is a waiting list."

  "Super-tasty traditional Italian cooking     suitable for all types of family occasions."


 "The quality of the food was amazing

  and the wine was certainly delicious -

  you clearly have good taste!"

"Impressive, friendly and fun!"

"Delicious food, beautiful wine, excellent conversation with Maurizio. Laid back, and we will definitely be coming back!"

"Nice place to get the real aperitivo. Nice vibes and lovely staff. Chef very friendly. A place to try by all means!"

"This place offers an out of the ordinary dining experience, limited but excellent food choices with round the table chit-chat."

Excellent food. Choice of Italian wines is outstanding.

"Very good service, very friendly

and very professional!

We had a lovely time!"

Excellent service. Very tasty and authentic Italian food.

I felt like I was in Italy!

 "Food like - a - momma used to cook!"

Maurizio Dining & Co. ​

Sharing the passion and tradition of
Italian food and wine in Cambridge.

 "The main course and dessert were excellent.

 It was obvious that all the ingredients

 were top quality."

"E' pronto! A tavola, buon appetito e allegria."

Review from Cambridge Edition Magazine June 2018

"I've eaten plenty of lasagna and tiramisu in my time but none better than I had here."


 "Finally a proper Italian wine bar

with all the right characteristics."

"Fab atmosphere- cosy booths, great wines

and the bar staff are helpful,

knowledgeable about their wines."